The main purpose of the website at this point is for patient information with regards to transfer of notes to a medical acupuncturist for continued treatment, if needed. These notes will not be sent to your GP. Patients wishing to have their notes transferred to a Medical Acupuncturist should read the following carefully:

ALL PATIENTS : I will only transfer notes to my colleagues who are currently practising Medical Acupuncture and are Members or Fellows of the Australian Medical Acupuncture College (AMAC).

(I cannot engage with them in your treatment or guarantee their availability. You will need to make your own enquiries.)

From 1st February 2023:

The patient must complete the release of records form, and take it to the chosen doctor who will then notify me, as I won’t be maintaining a business postal address for the future (do not send to St. Helen’s). I will still be in contact with my colleagues.

Most importantly, the patient must have first made an appointment with one of the doctors listed below:

  • Dr Matt Poxon – Glenorchy Medical Centre
  • Dr Andrew Elkerton – HT Health Group (Wrest Point Casino)
  • Dr Sarah Lockley – General Practice Plus (Gregory St, Sandy Bay)
  • Dr Maureen Ryan – Cygnet Family Practice
  • Dr Roland Watzyl – TBA
  • Dr Sally Dunbar – not currently available
  • Dr Anand Kumar – not currently available
  • Dr Melinda Giffard (not till mid year 2023)
  • (In the North): Dr Andrew Clarke (Exeter) and Dr Farida Khawaja (Launceston)

I will only send the notes if all details are completed.

The notes are for Medical Acupuncturists only.  I will not send these acupuncture notes to your GP as they are not relevant for their records. In addition, over the last 20 years, I have written many letters to all GPs and Specialists involved in your care.

There will be other functions of the website in the future, apart from the transfer of notes. It is hoped that additional content regarding treatments and options for other doctors will be available, and in addition, relevant articles of interest regarding the clinical trials demonstrating the efficacy of acupuncture and articles regarding the scientific basis of modern medical acupuncture.