As published in The Mercury: Dr Tim Begbie is retiring on 22nd December 2022 and his Medical Acupuncture Practice at St Helens Hospital will close also.

I would like to thank my many patients for your support over the years.

Patients wishing to have their notes transferred to another Medical Acupuncturist should read the following carefully.

ALL PATIENTS : I will only transfer notes to my colleagues who are currently practising Medical Acupuncture and are Members or Fellows of the Australian Medical Acupuncture College (AMAC).

(I cannot engage with them in your treatment or guarantee their availability. You will need to make your own enquiries.)  Patients currently being treated by me will have received the letter below*.

ALL PAST PATIENTS have 2 options for transfer of acupuncture records :

1) Up till Jan 31st 2023:

The completed form (including the doctor you have chosen and the date of your first appointment ) is to be hand delivered or posted to:

Dr Tim Begbie: Hobart Acupuncture, 186 Macquarie St , Hobart 7000

2) From 1st February 2023:

The patient must complete the release of records form, and take it to the chosen doctor who will then notify me, as I won’t be maintaining a business postal address for the future (do not send to St. Helen’s). I will still be in contact with my colleagues.

HOWEVER, most importantly, both options rely on the patient having first made an appointment with one of the doctors listed in the Letter to Patients below.  I will only send the notes if all details are completed.

The notes are for Medical Acupuncturists only.  I will not send these acupuncture notes to your GP as they are not relevant for their records. In addition, over the last 20 years, I have written many letters to all GPs and Specialists involved in your care.

*Letter to Patients. (will be given to all patients currently under treatment)

Re closure of the business “Hobart Acupuncture” and my retirement.

Over the last ten years I have been involved in the training of a number of excellent Tasmanian doctors in Medical Acupuncture (under the banner of the Australian Medical Acupuncture College). They are mostly situated in General Practice in Hobart, with 2 in the North of the State.

For the past 3 years in particular I have invited various doctors to take over the running of Hobart Acupuncture, but sadly I have not been able to secure a successor, despite my best efforts. Therefore the Practice will close on Thursday 22nd December at 6pm and I will retire.

If you feel you need ongoing acupuncture treatment, I will be unable to facilitate that for you as I can have no role in that process.  As all the doctors who are currently doing acupuncture are in separate practices and have no formal links with Hobart Acupuncture, I can only give names and contact details for you to follow up for their availability. For transfer of notes, if applicable, please see below.

  • Dr Matt Poxon
  • Dr Andrew Elkerton
  • Dr Sarah Lockley
  • Dr Maureen Ryan
  • Dr Roland Watzyl
  • Dr Sally Dunbar
  • Dr Melinda Giffard (not till mid year 2023)
  • (In the North; Dr Andrew Clarke and Dr Farida Khawaja)

Your medical notes are in a format to export to similar medical software programs. Therefore if you wish your records to be transmitted to one of the Medical Acupuncturists listed above, or to your own GP, it is important that you ask their permission to do so, and then fill in the RELEASE FORM enclosed.

After 22nd December 2022, please refer above to protocols up until and after January 31st 2023.

(Please be assured that) I have enjoyed my time and interaction with all my patients at Hobart Acupuncture and value the support you have shown me.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Tim Begbie